The best starting point to
optimize your canteen

Gather the activities of you canteen in one place and get an overview of sales, daily number of diners, feedback, etc.

Why Kanpla in your canteen?

Save money with an all-in-one system

Replace all the systems you have today in one app - e.g. meeting catering, take away, registration, etc.

Optimize the canteen based on data and feedback

Get insightful data on e.g. sales and feedback. Use it to optimize your operations.

Give diners the best canteen experience

Showcase your canteen in the best way with a smart app for guests

Tailor your canteen app to suit you

Meeting catering

User-friendly ordering and handling of meeting catering orders.

Lunch- and guest tickets

Mobile registration of your daily diners.

Take away

Sell take away and bring food home.
ApplePay, MobilePay and credit cards.

Lunch of the day

Get the menu live on guests' phones, info screens and for printing buffet signs.


Communicate about everything from food content, special food days and offers, etc.


Engage your guests with feedback, polls and loyalty program.

Hear how Kanpla has made a difference in other canteens

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Position, Company

"We are super happy about our collaboration with Kanpla on our canteen app. With Kanpla's canteen platform, work and daily operations are made easier for our many kitchen chefs, and it create great value for our customers."

Fie Droob

Project Manager

"Dabba is a modern lunch supplier were ordering, logistics, communication, and payment takes place through "our" app. Without Kanpla, we would not have had the opportunity to grow at the pace we are doing and at the same time keep our staff costs at a minimum. Here, Kanpla's app is the perfect choice for us.”

Jesper Kristensen


"We have been using Kanpla for some time and are still very satisfied. Our customers can order their lunch through our app, without the hassle of printing or handling orders. We are very happy about the collaboration.”

Kenneth Ytting Barslund

Commercial Director

Unify operations with an all-in-one system

Replace your current systems and get a single overview of meeting catering, number of diners, scheduling, menus, etc. With all data in one place, you can quickly and efficiently make the right decisions for each canteen.

Strengthen relationships and guest satisfaction with daily diners

Combine the physical canteen with your digital presence. Create more data on your canteen and a better relationship with your daily diners.

Your canteen app

Sell products with an easy-to-use setup and get even closer to your customers. Communicate and get data to improve your offers.


Make it easy to access the canteen via computer and accept payments or invoices from your customers.

We are with you at all times

We ensure an easy start, so both you and the chef are comfortable during the process. We help with an effective onboarding of the daily guests in the canteen.

Setting up the canteen

We'll set up your canteen so it's ready to use in the app.

Add products

You add all the products you want to distribute via the app

The app is announced

The app is announced to your guests

Optimize your canteen

Use your new insights to optimise the canteen for diners

Read more about Kanpla and our solutions

Explore further how we can help your business.

Meeting catering

Learn more about meeting catering in your canteen. Enable easy ordering and user-friendly order management.

A system for the busy chef

Our system is built for the busy chef, to save time and optimize the canteen operations. Click below to read more.

About us

Read more about Kanpla as a company (or place to work) and see if we are a match. We are always looking for new and amazing colleagues.