A loyalty app
tailored to your canteen

Connect with your guests digitally and combine your physical canteen with a digital experience.

Grow your business with digital sales channels

Set it up exactly how you want it with our wide selection of ordering processes, payment methods and customizations.


Order takeaway directly from your canteen

Lunch orders

Pre-order lunch with individual or admin ordering

Meeting services

A simple and powerful meeting ordering system


Say goodbye to food waste and make every “leftover meal” count!

Convenience sales

Sell pre-made food or third-party products in your canteen

Sell online with these modules

Ordering on behalf of the company?
No problem! Automatically create invoices with ease.

With our billing integrations, your operations can run even smoother. Your colleagues in the finance department will thank you!

Individual payments and a smooth experience for users

We offer various payment methods throughout the system to ensure that a user can always pay effortlessly.

You can combine different ordering processes with different payment methods

With our integrations, the company's billing can run efficiently. Whoever makes the invoices will thank you!

Communication forms a bridge between the kitchen and the guest

Communication is crucial for connecting with individual users and strengthening the relationship. Browse some of our communication features below:

Sell more, strengthen relationships and communicate necessary information

Push notifications

Send push messages to users' phones. An effective tool to increase sales and engagement

Weekly menu

Digitalize your menu so your guests can access it with ease from anywhere


Increase awareness about an event, new information, a special offer, and more


Make custom banners in-app. You can add internal or external links

Create loyalty and improve value while focusing on the guest

Increase loyalty in your canteen and turn guests into ambassadors

Gain data on user behaviour and the needs of your guests

Ways of engaging your guests at scale

Discounts and offers

Offer your guests special discounts and one-time offers


Make the menu and canteen experience more engaging

Allergens and preferences

What allergens and food preferences do your guests have?

Make administration simple with a system made for busy chefs

Implementation plan

Get your kitchen up and running fast

Features every busy chef needs daily

Statistics and overview

Know what’s being sold, how many, and when. Get a full overview of your canteen

Manage your canteens

You can manage 1 or 100+ canteens within the system

Admin app

Control your canteen from your phone with our Admin app

Get started with your canteen loyalty app today

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Menu Administration

Manage and print your daily menu with one click and inform your guests about allergens via the app.

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Read more about Kanpla as a company (or place to work) and see if we are a match. We are always looking for new and amazing colleagues.

Meeting Services

Give your users a great ordering experience, and easily handle their meeting orders.

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