Save time and get happier guests in your canteen

You get one system to drive sales and loyalty, communicate with guests and get insightful data.

500+ leading kitchens and canteens
120,000+ users

Strengthen the relationship with your daily guests with direct communication

Make it easy to provide information on everything from what's on the menu and allergen content to selling surplus food.

Create an overview of your canteen and save time with one system for the busy chef.

Find out which products are selling and how happy your diners are. Consolidate operations in one system, print menus in one place and print production lists etc. as needed.

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Save your POS-system and reduce the queue

Replace your POS-terminals and get a better overview of daily lunch diners. Our canteen app makes it easy for your guests to daily register their lunch.

Receive data and files

Avoid queues in the canteen

Handle lunch, breakfast, dinner service and guest registry

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